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Aurora Colorado
Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling is becoming one of the leading names in plastic recycling. We specialize in recycling waste plastic generated by industrial, agricultural and commercial companies. Through our state-of-the art equipment, experience and knowledge our customers can efficiently and cost-effectively improve their environmental image.

We offer comprehensive recycling services that help improve the environment. We provide a cost-effective solution for companies seeking to responsibly dispose of their plastic waste. We also specialize and have a unique solution for recycling pit/pond liners. Our services benefit manufacturers of recycled plastic products who require high quality recycled plastic resins for their own manufacturing processes.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Aurora, Colorado, processes plastic scrap by transforming it into a high quality plastic resin. We are proud to be among the few recycling companies in the United States to offer specialized processing for a wide variety of plastic materials, like Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS, and Styrene.

At Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling, we know the importance of going the extra mile for the benefit our suppliers, customers, employees and the environment. That’s why we also provide logistical services for both suppliers and customers.

Whether you need a company to recycle plastic scrap or buy recycled plastic resin, Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling has a solution for you.

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Maximize Your Green Potential For Your Business

Whether you are selling waste plastic or buying reprocessed plastic resin, Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling helps you improve your Green reputation and image. We provide high quality comprehensive plastic recycling solutions that are competitively priced. Contact us to find out more.