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Full recycling service solutions for industrial, agricultural & commercial companies

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Denver Colorado Production Facility

We process a variety of waste plastics at our state-of-the-art facility

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Pit/Pond Liner Recycling

100% Environmentally Friendly Process

Reduces Landfill Cost

Capture Residual Value From Waste Liner

Quality Assured

Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling is a leading name in the recycling industry, but not just because of the dedicated services we provide. We operate according to the highest industry standards so quality is assured at every stage – from picking-up your scrap plastic to delivering reprocessed plastic resins.
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Reliable Service

Our success is built on reliable service and our commitment to improving our environment. Whether you are looking to responsibly dispose of your waste plastic, or to buy recycled plastic resin for your own manufacturing processes, Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling is the name you can trust.

Environmentally Clean

Your image and reputation as a Green company is important to us. That’s why our recycling processes surpass the EPA’s own environmental standards. You can be sure your plastic waste is being responsibly disposed of and safely recycled into an environmentally clean, reusable plastic resin.
Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling is becoming one of the leading names in the recycling industry. We specialize in the disposal of waste plastic generated by industrial, agricultural and commercial companies. Recycling is more than just a process; it is a service. We are committed to providing the complete solution to your plastic recycling needs. Through our comprehensive recycling services, we help our suppliers and customers efficiently and cost-effectively contribute to a cleaner environment.

We provide a cost-effective solution for companies seeking to responsibly dispose of plastic waste by buying waste at competitive prices allowing companies to increase revenue and avoid paying expensive landfill fees. We specialize and have a unique solution for recycling pit liners.

Meanwhile, manufacturers of recycled plastic products have a trusted source for high quality recycled plastic resins. Our state-of-the-art facility in Aurora, Colorado, process a wide variety of plastic scrap by converting it into a high quality plastic resin that is available in either pellet or regrind form.

We also provide logistical services for both disposing of plastic waste and delivering high quality recycled plastic resins to plastic product manufacturers. That way, you can concentrate on running your business and leave the task of helping you make the world a cleaner place to us – the trusted professional.

  • Pit Liner Recycling

    Pit Liner Recycling

    Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling proudly introduces an innovative and ground-breaking recycling service for the oil and gas industry. Working with us, not only do you reduce landfill costs, but you capture residual value from recycling your waste liner and actively participate in true environmental stewardship.

  • Materials We buy

    Materials We buy

    Getting rid of unwanted plastics does not need to be a costly headache. From used pallets and crates to old buckets and oil & gas industry pit liners, we buy plastic waste from industrial, agricultural and commercial companies. We purchase scrap plastics to help ensure disposal of your plastic waste is completed in a responsible, reliable and cost-effective manner. We buy a wide variety of scrap plastic and convert it into 14 types of reusable plastic resin such as: HDPE, LDPE, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, and PVC.

  • Materials We Sell

    Materials We sell

    Buying recycled plastic resin is an environmental solution for manufacturers of plastic products. Purchasing recycled plastic resin also generally results in lower costs for manufacturers. However, in addition to these benefits, plastics manufacturers expect high quality. We sell a wide selection of high quality, recycled plastic resins to manufacturers of environmentally friendly plastic products. Manufacturers can buy these resins in pellet or regrind form to suit the requirements of their processing needs. Our plastic resins are also competitively priced.

  • Areas We Service

    Areas We Service

    Based in Aurora, Colorado, Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling services most areas in the United States west of the Mississippi River. Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling has the knowledge, experience, business practices and equipment to develop plastic recycling solutions that meet your needs.

Maximize Your Green Potential For Your Business

Whether you are selling waste plastic or buying reprocessed plastic resin, Hi-Tec Plastics & Recycling helps you improve your Green reputation and image. We provide high quality comprehensive plastic recycling solutions that are competitively priced. Contact us to find out more.